Staples Animal Hospital offers a wide range of services to dogs and cats:

  • Complete Preventative Care – head to tail exams
    Includes everything but not limited to diagnostics like heartworm testing, FELV/FIV testing, fecal examinations, parasite control, vaccinations, counselling and more.
  • Spay and Neuter service for dogs and cats
    This surgical procedure, performed by a veterinarian, renders the animal incapable of reproducing to ensure that the population of unwanted pets is controlled in London, Ontario.
  • Microchip Identification and Implantation
    Staples provides both microchip and implantation to keep pets secure and find their way home in the case that they might get lost or run away.
  • Surgical Procedures
    Staples Animal Hospital has a licensed team of professionals that can handle many different types of surgical procedures for your loved animals.  Your animals will be safe and comfortable from the start to the finish of their surgery with our Veterinarians.
  • Digital Radiographs
    Staples has up to date veterinarian equipment including Digital Radiographs to provide the best Vet care possible in London Ontario.
  • Laboratory Tests
    Our animals often need Laboratory tests to determine more information about their condition.  Staples Animal Hospital provides quick turn around times to ensure that we are can get the proper care for your pets.
  • Dental Care
    Dog & cat dental care is incredibly important.  Staples Animal Hospital provides in depth dental care for your pets including preventative maintenance, general cleanings and even dental surgery.
  • Urgent Care
    During our operating hours Staples Animal Hospital is available for urgent care situations that might arise in London Ontario.  If possible please call us on the way in so we can prepared for your arrival.
  • Vaccinations
    Dogs and Cats, just like humans need to get vaccinations in order to protect them from diseases and other illnesses that can occur while they are living in London Ontario.
  • Senior Pet Wellness and End of Life Services
    For those pets that have reached their later years and either need special care or end of life services we are here to help them by providing the most comfortable and humane Vet Care possible during this difficult time.
  • Referrals
    There might be times where your pet needs something more specialized than we can provide in the best interest of the animal.  We have many specialists in other areas of Vet Care that we would be pleased to refer you to in the case that your pet needs a specialist in London Ontario.
  • Dog Knee Repair Surgery
    Dog knee repair surgery is something that is more common than you would think.  Staples Animal Hospital specializes in this area and have an excellent success rate in giving these animals normal lives again.
  • Emergency Vet Care
    Staples Animal Hospital is equipped for emergency pet care in all types of situations.  We are well known in London, Ontario and your pets will be in great hands.
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